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Ortronics Clarity 6A Advanced Solutions
Mfg: On-Q Legrand Published: 2011 Version: rev.09|11 6 pages
more effectively supports the internal and alien performance requirements of 10 Gigabit Ethernet. Clarity 6A components use Ortronics’® innovative technique of full quad reactance to minimize internal crosstalk, while providing better impedance match to cable. When this technology is combined with Ortronics’ leadership in connector center tuning, the result is superior Cat 6a/10G performance. Add to My Library
Ortronics Copper Solution
Mfg: On-Q Legrand Published: 2014 Version: HDJ2014 6 pages
Legrand’s newest high density Clarity® jack and panel products (HDJ) solve density challenges without sacrificing performance. The smaller HDJ jack footprint allows up to 48-ports of premium Category 6a, 6 or 5e performance in 1 rack unit panel. This system is ideal for applications like data centers, distribution areas (TIA-942 Standard) or limited space, high density environments. Add to My Library
Ortronics HiLOC System
Mfg: On-Q Legrand Published: 2013 Version: rev.04|13 MTPHILOC 6 pages
Harness in Lieu Of Cassette The HiLOC harness is used as the interface from the trunk cable to the switch or other device, taking the place of the cassette. No other media can provide more bandwidth in the data center for your high performance networks than optical fiber. Even so, the data center is being squeezed to produce more with less. Add to My Library
Ortronics Fiber Trunk Cable System
Mfg: On-Q Legrand Published: 2013 Version: rev.04|13 FTCSYS 6 pages
designed to be better.™ a streamlined approach to network design With current high bit rate transmission, advanced applications truly test the limits of optical cable design and installation. Legrand uses quality engineering in each Ortronics trunk cable to ensure performance, reliability and a successful installation. Add to My Library
On-Q RF Lighting Control
Mfg: On-Q Legrand Published: 2012 Version: rev0312 5 pages
Once, the only way to achieve perfect lighting for any time, situation and location in your home was by individually switching and dimming fixtures and lamps, then repeating the process again and again every time your lighting needs to be changed. Legrand RF Lighting Controls (RFLC) make perfect lighting so intuitive that it seems to read your mind. Add to My Library
Ortronics Passive Optical Lan Fiber Solution
Mfg: On-Q Legrand Published: 2013 Version: rev. 1|13 4 pages
Passive Optical LAN (POLs) An alternative way to bring fiber to the desk is a passive fiber optic LAN (POL). A POL allows you to optimize your resources by installing a simple, secure and cost-effective all fiber LAN. By using a passive optical splitter in place of a workgroup switch, a POL provides benefits such as up front cost reductions, greater efficiencies, scalability and a clear upgrade path. Add to My Library
Ortronics Cabling Solutions
Mfg: On-Q Legrand Published: 2009 Version: REV 01/09 4 pages
Cabling solutions designed for the challenges of your industrial space Industrial IP67 IDC Jacks Stainless Steel IP67 Industrial Faceplates Industrial IP67 Surface Boxes with Stainless Steel Covers Industrial Grade IP67 Patch Cords Product Features Add to My Library
EV Charging Stations
Mfg: On-Q Legrand Published: 2014 Version: 08/14 EMA/CGXTP 3 pages
A dependable charging solution for today’s electric vehicles. Electric vehicles are hitting the road in a big way. Legrand can help keep things moving with a dependable EV charging station that works with every make and model. Available in a variety of configurations, these devices will deliver a full charge in just three to six hours. Add to My Library
CB Series Combiner Boxes for Solar Arrays
Mfg: On-Q Legrand Published: 2011 Version: 101011 3 pages
Legrand CB Series Combiner Boxes are designed to simplify solar array wiring and reduce your on-site labor costs. No need to assemble multiple components, the CB Series is customized to fit the exact needs of your array with a wide variety of circuit capacity, fuse and disconnect options to fit small or large arrays. Add to My Library
Ortronics Clarity PoE
Mfg: On-Q Legrand Published: 2011 Version: Rev. 11-08 3 pages
The introduction of Ortronics new Clarity® PoE patch panels marks the integration of PoE power injection within a cross connect panel designed with the elevated performance of Clarity5E. The IEEE 802.3af standard defines a means of supplying power over an Ethernet cable to a remote device, elimi nating the need for a separate power supply, outlet, or new electrical wiring. Add to My Library
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