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Danalite Linear Sign Lighter
Mfg: Juno Lighting Published: 2013 Version: LIT-DANA-LINEAR 12 pages
LED and fluorescent lighting for signage, displays and architectural accents 1 LED fixture has an 80,000 hour rated life with a look that is contemporary chic …guaranteed to enhance virtually any interior space. The DanaLite Linear Sign Lighter from Juno Lighting Group is the fresh, contemporary way to illuminate signage, displays, menu boards, kiosks, artwork and so much more. Add to My Library
Navilite Chicago Code Exit and Emergency Lighting
Mfg: Juno Lighting Published: 2012 Version: LIT-NAVI-CHICAGO 12 pages
Specification-grade exit and emergency lighting for commercial and industrial applications Juno Lighting Group – the perfect single source for all your exit and emergency lighting needs – features premium NaviLite Chicago Code Exit and Emergency Lights. Ideal for retail, commercial and industrial applications, NaviLite’s extensive offering now includes a complete line of Chicago Code exit signs and emergency lighting units to suit practically any application. Add to My Library
Indy Designer Series Compact Fluorescent
Mfg: Juno Lighting Published: 2013 Version: LIT-IND-DSCFL Rev 2 12 pages
2 Indy’s Designer Series compact fluorescent downlights and wallwashers are engineered to enhance interior spaces by delivering a balanced blend of outstanding brightness control with maximized light output that achieves the industry standard for visual comfort and performance. Our computer-designed, two-piece reflector system allows for a ‘staged’ optics design. Add to My Library
Acculite ALX Series
Mfg: Juno Lighting Published: 2005 Version: LIT-ACCU-ALXHIGHBAY 8 pages
Economical aluminum optics make HiLux™ good value for the budget conscious consumer. Merchandiser™ – Glass Offering the benefits of high quality borosilicate glass in an economical luminaire. PrismaLux™ – Acrylic Light weight acrylic offers the look of glass combined with the economies of plastic. Add to My Library
Acculite PL2 Series LED Bollards
Mfg: Juno Lighting Published: 2014 Version: LIT-ACCU-PL2 8 pages
PL2 Series LED Bollards provide energy efficiency, uniform illumination and rugged construction in a sleek, modern design. Two optical distributions give designers flexibility to match the project's landscape, and an internal motion sensor allows building owners to realize substantial energy savings without altering the fixture look. Add to My Library
Acculite Indoor Outdoor Sign Lighters
Mfg: Juno Lighting Published: 2013 Version: LIT-ACCU-SIGNLED 8 pages
AccuLite Sign Lighters provide commercial and retail facilities with unprecedented indoor/outdoor lighting versatility. Always known for their efficiency and performance, these fixtures are now available with advanced LED technology, offering superior energy savings and illumination quality. The LED family of AccuLite Sign Lighters delivers the light output of 50-watt, MR16 halogen lamps but, at only 18 watts per fixture head, consume one-third the energy. Add to My Library
Acculite Architectural Cylinders
Mfg: Juno Lighting Published: 2008 Version: LIT-ACCU-CYLINDERS 8 pages
Accent lighting, security lighting, and emergency lighting, all in one package... AccuLite Oval Cylinders define versatility. Available up/down and downlighting with accent or forward throw distributions, compact fluorescent or HID lamp technology. AccuLite Oval Cylinders can accommodate a breadth of outdoor lighting applications with a vast set of features and options. Add to My Library
Quick Jack LED Directional Fixtures
Mfg: Juno Lighting Published: 2014 Version: LIT-JUNO-LEDQJSPOT 8 pages
Stylish accent lighting in a miniature energy-efficient package Now you can have stylish, effective accent lighting in a miniaturized, energy-efficient package. Juno’s new Quick Jack LED Directional Fixtures have all the style and pizzazz for which Juno is famous, but require just 6 watts to approximate the output of Add to My Library
Indy T4 and T6 Recessed Wall Wash Fixtures
Mfg: Juno Lighting Published: 2013 Version: LIT-IND-T4T6-WW 8 pages
fixtures provide a clean architectural look and are designed for commercial applications ranging from retail stores to health care facilities, offices and educational, government and hospital-ity settings. Each fixture is available with a uniform glass or a clear lens, allowing them to be used for wall wash or accent lighting applications. Add to My Library
Mini LED Downlights and Gimbals
Mfg: Juno Lighting Published: 2014 Version: LIT-JUNO-MINIDLGL 8 pages
Juno Mini LED Downlights accentuate the finish and mitering details on the cabinet faces while providing useful task lighting on the front edge of the counter…all from an inconspicuous, delicately scaled 1” aperture that consumes less than 5-watts. 2 Juno Mini LED Downlights and Gimbals open-up a multitude of task and accent lighting possibilities, especially when installation space is at a premium. Add to My Library
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