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Kim Ltg Altitude
Mfg: Hubbell Ltg Published: 2012 Version: 2012 Catalog 32 pages
ALTITUDE / www.kimlighting.com Kim Lighting is known throughout the world as the premier designer and manufacturer of quality, high performance, and architecturally relevant outdoor lighting solutions. Kim Lighting is a division of Hubbell Lighting, Inc. Kim Lighting introduces ALTITUDE , the ultimate in luminaire design innovation with a unique balance of form, engineering and superior optics. Add to My Library
Kim Ltg Structural Full Cutoff Luminaire
Mfg: Hubbell Ltg Published: 2010 Version: 5505310288 Ver 2.1 30 pages
Never before has a Site / Area luminaire offered such versatility in complementing architectural design. Structural’s elegant form is an orchestrated combination of simple shapes in a dynamic architectural luminaire. The addition of optional structural elements produces a beautiful enhancement to today’s structurally expressive architecture. Add to My Library
Moldcast Paracyl with Adjustable Focus
Mfg: Hubbell Ltg Published: Version: Catalog 29 pages
All applications where dimensional limitations dictate a recessed fixture or where a "concealed look" is important. All applications having a ceiling or overhead structure and where for technical or aesthetic reasons a wall mounted fixture is inappropriate. All general purpose area lighting applications. Add to My Library
Moldcast MDL Series Glare Free Luminaires
Mfg: Hubbell Ltg Published: 1983 Version: 1983 Catalog 28 pages
The MDL-1 is perfect for the areas where an unobtrusive but appealing shape is desired by day and precise, uniform and comfortable, no-glare illumination is required by night. The MDL-2 has the unique ability to light hallways, walkways and most pedestrian traffic areas from BELOW-EYE LEVEL, without glare and with many fewer luminaires than with previously available low-level luminaires. Add to My Library
Sportsliter Solutions Comprehensive Brochure
Mfg: Hubbell Ltg Published: 2010 Version: Hubsls-Fl Rev3/10 28 pages
For more than 40 years, Hubbell has brought its expertise and high performance lighting to illuminate thousands of sports facilities, including fields, stadiums and courts around the country. Designed by the most experienced engineers in the lighting industry, Hubbell Lighting’s integrated sports lighting offers you a comprehensive package of products and services. Add to My Library
Poles for Architectural Floodlighting and Roadway Luminaires
Mfg: Hubbell Ltg Published: 1986 Version: 1986 Catalog 28 pages
The pole IS usually the lasillem given conslderahon when lighting prOjects are being designed Though a lumlnalre mountmg height IS determined by Its special application. the pole Size, shape. To assist your effons In selecting a pole/llghllng fixture system, the following Information IS Included A descflphon 01 our pole manufacturing capabilities. Add to My Library
Kim Ltg Well Lights In-Grade Accent Ltg
Mfg: Hubbell Ltg Published: 2011 Version: 5508511238 Ver 2.1 28 pages
Landscape lighting is both aesthetic and functional, achieving dramatic effects in many diverse applications. Maintaining those effects long term is a monumental challenge. In-grade fixtures, by the very nature of their use, require special design and manufacturing knowledge. Kim Lighting pioneered the in-grade lighting category almost 60 years ago. Add to My Library
Kim Ltg Low Level Floodlights
Mfg: Hubbell Ltg Published: 2010 Version: 5503010042 Ver 1.2 28 pages
Level Floodlight in 1979, pole mounted luminaires were the only way to efficiently light outdoor areas. While valid for parking lots or streets, pole mounted fixtures cluttered smaller areas with hardware that interrupted a clear view of the architectural statement. The need was for an efficient lighting system that could be integral with the architecture or site elements, thereby preserving the design purity. Add to My Library
LED Products Guide
Mfg: Hubbell Ltg Published: 2015 Version: HOL0051 Rev 6/15 28 pages
Hubbell Outdoor, Spaulding, and Sterner Lighting brands provide energy-efficient LED lighting solutions for a wide variety of outdoor applications including area/site, floodlighting, landscape, low level pedestrian, and wallpacks. Hubbell Outdoor Lighting brands’ luminaires integrate the latest LED advancements and deliver optical performance that bests most historical HID fixtures with higher lumen packages. Add to My Library
Kim Ltg Era Collection Version 1.1
Mfg: Hubbell Ltg Published: 2010 Version: 5508010306 Ver 1.1 26 pages
The “Acorn” luminaire is one of the classic designs in traditional or heritage style outdoor lighting. Yet, the original acorn fixtures were inefficient, glare producing luminaires that would be unacceptable in today’s outdoor environment. Kim Lighting has reinvented the classic acorn luminaire, using state-of-the-art optics to create a heritage look that meets all of the performance demands of today’s outdoor lighting. Add to My Library
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