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Linemans Pliers
Mfg: Knipex Published: 2007 Version: L100 01771 2 pages
Solid contstruction for heaviest strain; high transmission ratio for easy cutting 09 02 240 Crosswise serrated gripping zone for firm gripping and pulling, e.g. for fence construction Article-No. solid construction for heaviest strain; universally applicable Power plus 60%: high trans-mission ratio for powerful cut-ting and gripping performance ergonomically optimized handle shape for firm contact to the hand and fatigue reducing operation particularly effective crosswise serrated gripping zone in the jaws - for strong gripping and pulling Add to My Library
Gripping Plier Wrench
Mfg: Knipex Published: 2004 Version: L100 01166 2 pages
I would like to receive more information on the KNIPEX range. Fastening, gripping, holding and bending with a single tool The Plier Wrench combines the jobs of a gripping plier and a wrench in a single tool. Screws, nuts and fittings of capacities up to a maximum of 60 mm / 2 3/8” can be tightened and released easily and smoothly. Add to My Library
High Leverage Diagonal Cutter
Mfg: Knipex Published: 2007 Version: L100 01727 2 pages
With opening spring! rapid activation of the spring by simply pressing with the thumb fixes the plier in the hand for fatigue reducing work non-operated the spring is securely locked in place KNIPEX Quality - Made in Germany with switch-on opening spring with forged-on axle for heaviest duty suitable for all types of wire including piano wire Add to My Library
Cutter for Flexible Hoses
Mfg: Knipex Published: 2009 Version: L100 02035 2 pages
for clean cutting of thin-walledd plastic pipes up to Ø 25 mm and flexible hoses, also fabric-reinforced, made of plastic and rubber straight and clean cut without deformation KNIPEX Quality – Made in Germany Clean and fast cutting of flexible hoses and plastic conduit pipes. Straight and clean cut without deformation – this can be done easily with the new KNIPEX Cutter for Add to My Library
125mm Cobra Pliers
Mfg: Knipex Published: 2009 Version: L100 01980 2 pages
The smallest Cobra for highest requirements. As a fully fledged professional tool, the 125 mm Cobra® has all the quality and functional features the large Cobra® pliers have. With 125 mm in length, it grips 27 mm and is easy to use even on workpieces in very confined areas. The smallest high-tech water pump pliers ever made can be used in many different ways, for example in electro-pneumatics and precision mechanics or for assembling furniture and their fittings. Add to My Library
Circlip Pliers with Inserted Tips
Mfg: Knipex Published: 2010 Version: L10001463 2 pages
Precision Circlip Pliers The new generation of pliers combines the advantages of the stability of hotforged pliers with the endurance of the cold-drawn, highly condensed spring steel tips. Inserted tips of highly condensed spring steel with fluteless surfaces. Unlike turned or milled tips, the risk of fracture is very small. Add to My Library
Circlip Pliers
Mfg: Knipex Published: 2008 Version: L100 01870 2 pages
Circlip Pliers good access to widely overbuilt circlips, also if other components are in the way solid style, forged non-slip, solid tips oil-hardened and tempered polished head, plastic coated handles Internal Circlip Pliers (bore holes) on the basis of DIN 5256 D, but bent 45° for fitting internal circlips in bore holes from 8 - 140 mm diameter Add to My Library
Cable Shears
Mfg: Knipex Published: 2009 Version: L100 02013 2 pages
The right tool for a lot of cutting. Cable shears with opening spring. for fatigue-reduced cutting of copper and aluminium cables ergonomically designed for relief of the arm muscles clean and smooth cut without deformation A more comfortable way for repetitive cutting. A small spring with great effect. Add to My Library
Alligator Pliers
Mfg: Knipex Published: 2009 Version: L100 02002 2 pages
optimised adjusting mechanism now with 9 adjustment positions ions improved access to the workpiece due to very slim head shape capacity now: up to 46 mm width across flats, pipes up to 2“ diameter KNIPEX Quality – Made in Germany Proven tool – now even better! ® KNIPEX has increased the gripping capacity of the Alligator by 30% and it now has 9 adjusting positions instead of the previous 7. Add to My Library
150 mm Pliers Wrench
Mfg: Knipex Published: 2009 Version: L100 01991 2 pages
in Pocket Size. heavy-duty, small professional tool for precision tightening work same quality and functional l features as the large pliers wrenches gripping of all widths across flats up to 27 mm 14 adjustment positions for comfortable handling Universal Mini Pliers Wrench for tightening, bending, pressing and holding. Add to My Library
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