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Molex Solderless Terminal Products
Mfg: Woodhead Published: 2008 Version: DW2008246 4 pages
Fot-more than 25 yen rs, Mole;.; has been designing and manufncturing n wide variety o f reliable. We arc proud [0 present aliI' new line of \Voodhead'" fTom Mole;.; solderless terminal products a nd accesso ries that embody the dumbili!y and qua lity you have comc to trust in the \Noodhead bmnd. Add to My Library
Aero-Motive Hose Reels
Mfg: Woodhead Published: 2002 Version: VPR01 4 pages
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LED Hand Lamp
Mfg: Woodhead Published: 2006 Version: DW2006140 2 pages
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Electrical Solutions
Mfg: Woodhead Published: 2012 Version: 987650-8651 2 pages
Molex offers a complete line of reliable Woodhead® electrical solutions designed to support optimal worker safety and performance for today’s harsh duty environments. Our industry-leading solutions range from portable lighting to power distribution supporting the needs of industries such as commercial construction, utility, petrochemical, and food and beverage. Add to My Library
Electrical Safety Program
Mfg: Woodhead Published: 2009 Version: 987650-3341 2 pages
In 2007, there were 4 million occupational injuries and illnesses among U.S. workers. Approximately 5 of every 100 workers experienced a job-related injury or illness. And 5,657 workers lost their lives on the job; 212 deaths were due to electrocution. Working Together For A Safer Workplace Since 1922, the industry has relied on Woodhead product solutions from Add to My Library
Electrical Products
Mfg: Woodhead Published: 2013 Version: 987650-9019 2 pages
Woodhead® rubberized Super-Safeway™ and Safeway® tough nylon wiring devices are designed for use in rugged industrial environments Self-aligning blades yield a better mechanical and electrical connection to provide exceptional product life, lower operating temperatures, yielding longer life Wiring screw terminals pre-backed out to provide easy and quick wiring Add to My Library
360 Work Light
Mfg: Woodhead Published: 2007 Version: DW2005112 rev 1 2 pages
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