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Cabling System LCS2
Mfg: On-Q Legrand Published: 2010 Version: EXB10017 109 pages
The systems are suitable for optical fibre cables as well as copper cables. ... For short distance, 10 Giga guarantees a good echo resistance for 15 m. ... The values measured widely exceed the requirements of the ISO 11801 standard, Edition 2, amendment 2, thus providing a safety margin to confo... Add to My Library
Arteor Switches and Sockets
Mfg: On-Q Legrand Published: 2010 Version: January2010Cat 76 pages
technology ... The answer for all Home Automation requirements, from a single function to global integrated solutions. ... My Home Legrand supports 2 technologies : Radio using ZigBee® protocol and BUS using SCS protocol. ... For 1 or 2 modules (electronic functions except ... Screw mounting (scr... Add to My Library
Arteor Flow Energies
Mfg: On-Q Legrand Published: 2010 Version: 2010 Catalog 56 pages
Imagine that your home comes to life. ... That the walls, throughout the home, are suddenly gifted with intelligence, and watch over your daily well-being. ... Then imagine that you can control everything with a simple gesture, in a series of actions orchestrated exactly according to your wishes… Add to My Library
DMX3 Air Circuit Breakers
Mfg: On-Q Legrand Published: 2010 Version: EX29050 44 pages
| DMX3 air circuit breakers and DMX3-I isolating switches are available in two frame sizes. ... Three breaking capacities for circuit breakers: 50 kA for the DMX3-N designation 65 kA for DMX3-H and 100 kA for DMX3-L. | The range covers 8 rated currents, between 800 A and 4 000 A. | All range of D... Add to My Library
Access Control Solutions
Mfg: On-Q Legrand Published: 2010 Version: EXB10089 39 pages
for professionals ... You want to offer your customers simple access control solutions, suitable for their professional or private requirements. ... You want to support your proposals with examples connected with their areas of business or similar uses, and you also want to have technical and pra... Add to My Library
RF Lighting Control Spec Guide
Mfg: On-Q Legrand Published: 2010 Version: 2010 Catalog 34 pages
RF Lighting Control has been designed to meet the lighting control requirements of residential applications including reliability, aesthetics, functionality, and ease of use and installation. ... Its completely scalable architecture and no-new-wire RF technology means that it is suitable for new ... Add to My Library
Mallia Switches and Outlets
Mfg: On-Q Legrand Published: 2010 Version: EXB10056 32 pages
Mallia. ... Beyond promising endless possibilities with the expanded range, the license to blend them in anywhere desired is just sheer joy. ... 3 ... Be it conventional matt white,stylish light silver,elegant pearl or the chic dark silver,the renewed ... Mallia range exudes alluring elegance and... Add to My Library
Belanko Wiring Devices
Mfg: On-Q Legrand Published: 2010 Version: EXB10080 23 pages
now, discover 5 good reasons why Belankotm should be your choice for wiring devices. ... with Belankotm, switches perform exactly the way you expect them to. ... Beyond performance, we give you a choice between large rockers and the conventional small one. ... 02 ... 03 it is your choice. ... Eit... Add to My Library