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Digital Lighting Management
Mfg: WattStopper Published: 2009 Version: WS-09-28310 96 pages
WattStopper has pioneered the latest control technologies, and makes 1l easy for specifiers and installers lo successfully incorporate daylighting control in their pro1ects. Compact. low profile OLM sensors feature cal1bral1on that 1s simple. Add to My Library
Dimmers and Fan Speed Controls
Mfg: WattStopper Published: 2011 Version: 11-28318 Rev 04/2011 60 pages
But you don’t need to sacrifice your energy performance goals. Increase energy savings save energy by dimming lighting even at minimal dimming levels. Reduce lighting costs reduce replacement, labor, and maintenance costs by dimming the lamp and thereby extending lamp life. Enhance productivity adjust individual lighting in work spaces to ideal levels. Add to My Library
Dimmers and Fan Speed Controls
Mfg: WattStopper Published: 2010 Version: WS-10-28318 Rev 12-2010 60 pages
Now you can suppLement automatic on/off lighting controls with easily adjustable light level control for enhanced energy efficiency. EstabLish the perfect Light level for presentations. Transform a sunny cafe appropriate for the lunch crowd into a romantic dining environment with the touch of a button. Add to My Library
Commercial Wall Switch Sensors
Mfg: WattStopper Published: 2011 Version: 11-28319 44 pages
WattStopper sees an opportunity for a more sustainable future. Building on its tradition of green innovation, WattStopper has refined its sleek line of commercial wall switch sensors to deliver the best out-of-the-box energy savings, once again redefining expectations. Wall switch sensors easily replace standard toggle switches, and help put a stop to energy waste for applications including bi-level switching, three-way control and more. Add to My Library
Residential Vacancy Sensors
Mfg: WattStopper Published: 2009 Version: WS-09-20074 40 pages
WattStopper’s controls automatically turn off lights, fans or spa equipment when they’re not needed, for savings and convenience. WattStopper’s vacancy sensors, occupancy sensors and time switches are engineered to meet the needs of homeowners throughout their properties, and comply with energy code requirements. Add to My Library
Mfg: WattStopper Published: 2007 Version: SW-05-20071 40 pages
Miro redefines the look and function of lighting aesthetics and electrical control. Miro comes in two styles, the elegant simplicity of Miro architectural evokes a classicism warmed by a contemporary flair. Miro decorator offers a more traditional look with the same uncluttered feel. Both styles feature screwless wall plates and responsive, spacious control surfaces and functionality. Add to My Library
Lighting Control Solutions CodeSmart
Mfg: WattStopper Published: 2011 Version: WS-11-20065 32 pages
over the past ten years, most jurisdictions have adopted reference standards such as anSi/aSHrae/ieSna* 90.1 (aSHrae) and international energy conservation code (iecc). This means that design professionals, building owners and operators, and facility managers need up to date tools to ensure code compliance. Add to My Library
Control Six
Mfg: WattStopper Published: 2011 Version: WS-11-20078 24 pages
looking at, there are areas where spe-cific lighting controls are the perfect solution. room layout, common operat-ing characteristics and usage patterns can virtually compel a specific control solution. for even greater energy savings and increased roi, WattStopper has adopted the Manual-on sequence of operation. Add to My Library
Occupancy Sensor
Mfg: WattStopper Published: 2005 Version: WS-05-20012 24 pages
Beginning with our first product line, occupancy sensors, we have continually worked to develop highly innovative, reliable products that offer a vast array of features. Today, our product solutions include lighting control panels, daylightmg controls, remote lighting controls, and integrated lighting and plug load controls. Add to My Library
Emergency Lighting Control
Mfg: WattStopper Published: 2010 Version: 09-20072 Pub 29103 16 pages
You can have it all, WattStopper is all about. But when it comes to emergency lighting, users want complete reliability and security. We also understand you want the most flexibility in your control options. Emergency lighting is required in all public facilities, but what is meant by the broad term, “emergency lighting,” and which Add to My Library
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