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Exitronix Nightfall LED Emergency Egress Lighting
Mfg: Barron Ltg Published: 2015 Version: Cat2015 16 pages
Combining a sleek, architectural, low profile design with performance makes the Nightfall Series an attractive LED solution for both indoor and outdoor emergency lighting. These fixtures boast an average of 40 to 55 center-to-center spacing, optimizing light output and minimizing the number of fixtures needed for typical applications. Add to My Library
Trace-lite LED Lite Logic
Mfg: Barron Ltg Published: 2011 Version: 10840033 12 pages
As part of Barron Lighting Group, a company that has built its heritage on pioneering LED technology and it’s reputation on delivering dependable, common sense solutions, TRACE*LITE is excited to introduce you to its newest outdoor lighting series. We understand your need for reliability and performance, newer more efficient technologies and a team that stands behind its customers and products. Add to My Library
Trace Lite TLED C Canopy Garage Luminaire
Mfg: Barron Ltg Published: 2015 Version: 2015Bro 8 pages
Garage Luminaire offers you the most versatile solutions for overhead illumination. This complete family of LED luminaries solves lighting needs in a broad range of applications by providing multiple options for housings, optics, and lumen packages. The adaptability of TRACE*LITE’s TLED-C luminaire series allows you to choose from general utility lighting to parking garage lighting or to high performance canopy lighting, making it the most logical choice for your your lighting project. Add to My Library
LED Lite Logic High Abuse LED Bollard
Mfg: Barron Ltg Published: 2015 Version: 2015Bro 8 pages
Tough enough for high abuse environments. Smart enough to deliver high performance LED efficiency. The TLED-B-HA Series LED bollard is truly a durable, energy-efficient work horse with a unique architectural aesthetic. Its heavy-duty design not only handles daily abuse from things like runaway shopping carts, but it’s paramount for high trafficked and high vandalism areas like commercial parking lots, schools, retail areas, sports complexes, parks and other high use facilities. Add to My Library
Trace-lite Metal Halide
Mfg: Barron Ltg Published: 2009 Version: 10840010 6 pages
The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA) is a federal law intended to help reduce energy consumption and decrease our dependence on oil. It was approved on December 19, 2007. Who does it apply to? EISA preempts any previously passed regulations for metal halide fixtures in all states with the exception of California. Add to My Library
Exitronix Universal Mount LED Edge LIT Exit S900 Series
Mfg: Barron Ltg Published: 2011 Version: 10840026 2 pages
Pivoting Design for simple installation in any application Wall, ceiling, sloped ceiling or recessed mounting in single or double face configurations www.barronltg.com the s900 series universal mount led edge-lit exit provides superior brightness and uniformity with a service life in excess of sr option is truely universal, includes kits for surface and recessed installation. Add to My Library
Exitronix Universal Die Cast Aluminum LED Combo 400C Series
Mfg: Barron Ltg Published: 2011 Version: 10840025 2 pages
Universal Die-Cast Aluminum LED Combo The 400C Series is the newest universal LED die-cast aluminum exit/ emergency combo unit available, combining an appealing design, the latest in die-cast technology, and high performance electronics to ensure reliability. Features One of the first LED die-cast combos on the market; unique new design provides spec-grade die-cast EXIT sign with LED emergency lights in low-profile housing Add to My Library
Exitronix Tucson Mini Inverter
Mfg: Barron Ltg Published: 2011 Version: 2011Bro 2 pages
The Tucson Mini Inverter is a solid state lighting solution for smaller total emergency load applications such as retail, hospitality and office spaces. The EXITRONIX Eco-Control Module (ECM) allows any fixture wired through it to operate at FULL LIGHT OUTPUT regardless of switch function at time of power loss. Add to My Library
Exitronix Tempo Series
Mfg: Barron Ltg Published: 2013 Version: 10840078 2 pages
Tempo The Tempo series hits every note, featuring contemporary styling, LED performance and available advanced diagnostics. 800.533.3948 www.barronltg.com Tempo ...Ensuring you never miss a beat. Energy efficient - total package utilizing all LED technology and consuming less than 3 watts! Universal mount - including END mount not typically available with other combo units. Add to My Library
Exitronix LED Light Bar Combo Exit
Mfg: Barron Ltg Published: 2011 Version: 10840044 2 pages
Easy to install, snap together design Long life, maintenance-free NiCad battery Unique "Light Bar" design combines LED exit illumination with reliable, low-profile LED emergency lighting. The Revolution series offers maintenance-free, long life dependable service, and easily mounts above doors and in restricted spaces to fit any application. Add to My Library
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