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Lighting Product Guide 4th Edition
Mfg: Juno Lighting Published: 2015 Version: LIT-JLG-PRODGUIDE 6/15 1418 pages
Juno Lighting Group is committed to providing superior solutions to all your lighting challenges. With LEDs offering unprecedented energy savings and service life, our LED product development team is constantly pushing the envelope for still greater efficiency and exciting new ways to apply the technology. Add to My Library
Recessed and Trac Lighting
Mfg: Juno Lighting Published: 2011 Version: LIT-JUNO TRAC 268 pages
But today, we are just as well known for our commitment to energy conservation and sustainability. Throughout our trac lighting systems, we offer an ever-increasing selection of state-of-the-art fixtures designed to drastically reduce energy consumption without compromising lighting performance. From the design of the fixture, to the characteristics of the light source, to the materials and processes used in production, environmental stewardship is a primary concern. Add to My Library
Residential Recessed Lighting
Mfg: Juno Lighting Published: 2012 Version: LIT-JUNO-RESI-REC 175 pages
A full range of trims, optics, and light sources ensures that you will be able to create the exact lighting effect you desire with the economy and efficiency you demand. Today, we live in an environment where the specter of global warming threatens our eco-system and our very way of life. Lighting professionals understand this and deftly use lighting to create mood and ambiance in addition to general illumination. Add to My Library
Indy Ceramic Metal Halide Lighting
Mfg: Juno Lighting Published: 2013 Version: LIT-INDY-CMH Rev 0513 106 pages
Because the T-lamp serves strictly as a source of illumination, there is virtually no chance of lighting patterns being accidentally altered during relamping… Because electronic ballasts have sensing circuits to detect the end of lamp life, a ballast connected to an inoperative lamp will likely be in a “shut down” mode. Add to My Library
Aculux Precision Recessed Lighting
Mfg: Juno Lighting Published: 2010 Version: LIT-ACULUX-CAT 92 pages
Aculux luminaires are at the forefront of energy efficient technology with the introduction of the new round and square ceramic metal halide (CMH) fixtures. Designed to blend quietly with architecture, Aculux features a comprehensive selection of hand polished reflectors with deep lamp regression that perform different functions to create a multitude of dramatic lighting effects. Add to My Library
Ceramic Metal Halide Trac Lighting
Mfg: Juno Lighting Published: 2008 Version: LIT-CMH-TRAC 60 pages
Today’s lighting challenges demand creative solutions using the latest advances in materials and technology. Juno Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) Trac Lighting offers a wide range of solutions to help you meet the challenges of achieving peak energy efficiency, premium optical performance, enduring reliability and maximum value. Add to My Library
Navilite Exit and Emergency Lighting
Mfg: Juno Lighting Published: 2013 Version: LIT-NAVILITE-CAT 60 pages
Featuring the premium quality and exemplary service Juno Lighting Group is famous for, NaviLite-brand is the ideal single-source for all your retail, commercial, and industrial requirements. To serve you better, most NaviLite products are in stock and available for delivery in one week or less. Our comprehensive product line includes exit signs, emergency lighting units, remote fixture heads, and accessories to suit practically any application. Add to My Library
Trac 12 Miniaturized Low Voltage
Mfg: Juno Lighting Published: 2015 Version: LIT-JUNO-TRAC12-V3 56 pages
Small and compact, Trac 12 can be ceiling mounted or suspended in cramped quarters. Wherever it goes, Trac 12 creates stunning illumination, from accent to spot to linear lighting effects. This low voltage system features a wide variety of diminutive fixtures that are perfectly matched to its miniaturized scale. Add to My Library
Monoline Track Systems
Mfg: Juno Lighting Published: 2013 Version: LIT-JUNO-MLINE 52 pages
Its graceful hand-bendable track, stunning fixtures, and variety of light sources com-bine to serve a wide range of illumination needs with an elevated sense of style. The graceful MonoLine track system can be hand-bent to take on any desired shape or lighting design, providing the ultimate in mounting versatility. Add to My Library
Aculux LED Gen 2 LED Precision Recessed Luminaires
Mfg: Juno Lighting Published: 2014 Version: LIT-ACULUX-LEDG2 52 pages
Aculux precision luminaires have a well-deserved reputation for quality and innovation in the world of architectural lighting. They were among the first to offer discreet, adjustable LED recessed luminaires featuring interchangeable optics that mimic MR16 performance, and led the way in the development of precision geared hot-aiming. Add to My Library
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