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Cold Storage Fluorescent Lighting
Mfg: Metal Optics Published: 2008 Version: 8392.3 6 pages
This complete range of products is available from MetalOptics. Energy efficient fluorescent lighting solutions are now available for cold storage facilities. MetalOptics’s superior design capabilities and deep understanding of fluorescent lamp and ballast technology has combined to create a new series of fluorescent luminaires that perform in temperatures to -20°F/-29°C. Add to My Library
Parking Garage Fluorescent Lighting
Mfg: Metal Optics Published: 2008 Version: 8392.2 4 pages
This multi-level parking garage was illuminated with conventional 175-watt probe-start metal halide low-bay style luminaires. The users complained of dark areas with deep shadows. Fluorescent broad distribution luminaires were installed on a one-for-one basis that reduced energy significantly and increased maintained illumination levels by 30 percent. Add to My Library
Greenbay Fluorescent High Bays
Mfg: Metal Optics Published: 2008 Version: 8392.2 2 pages
GreenBay™ is an energy efficient high-intensity fluorescent high bay that matches energy savings with environmental savings by significantly reducing packaging, waste, weight, floor space needed and installation time. To further support the objective to reduce, reuse and recycle materials, MetalOptics™ also has a return program for the GreenBay shipping package. Add to My Library