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Lamp Catalogue
Mfg: Osram Published: 1975 Version: September 71 pages
-0 Filament supported to withstand vibration 24V 6W 35mm x 11 mm Festoon. .... 41 Due to a policy of continual research and development the details given in this catalogue are subject to change without notice. The information given in this catal ogue is typ ical and must not be interp reted as a guarantee of individual product performance and/or cha racteristics. Add to My Library
Electric Lamps
Mfg: Osram Published: 1937 Version: 13th Edition 65 pages
ELECTRIC LAMPS The central idea which governs the manufacture of Osram lamps is the maintenance of the highest standard of quality and the clo~est degree of uniformity of performance which can be attained, and considerations of cost are not allowed to interfere with the achievement of this main object. Add to My Library
The Wonderful Lamp
Mfg: Osram Published: 1951 Version: 20th Edition 64 pages
Foreword OSRAM lamps comply with the lughest standard of quality and the closest degree of uniformity of performance. The performance of many types is laid down in the various British Standard Specifications, and the whole process of manufacture is organized so that the finished lamp is at least equal to the requirements of its appropriate Specification. Add to My Library
General Lighting Products
Mfg: Osram Published: 1992 Version: OCN-1019C 51 pages
OSRAM, the world's third largest lamp manufacturer, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Siemens, one of the biggest and best known names in electrical and electronic engineering. OSRAM Corporation in the United States is one of 27 OSRAM subsidiaries worldwide. Maybrook, NY. OSRAM serves three specific market categories with over 3,500 different lamps known for advanced design, improved efficiencies, and optimum performance. Add to My Library
Lamps and Tubes
Mfg: Osram Published: 1959 Version: 28th Edition 48 pages
Extensive lire testing on all types of [unlsten filament, Development work on metal filament lamps at Wembley, mercury and sodium lamps and fluorescent tubes at Shaw. Hard glass bulbs ror projector lamps and other specialised bulbs. Full range or caps (Of all types or lamps and tublts. Fluorescent powders. Add to My Library
Mfg: Osram Published: 1932 Version: 7th Edition 28 pages
Lamps are made only from the best materials as scheduled hereunder, are manufactured throughout in England, and comply in every respect with the specification for Tungsten Lamps, No. 161 of the British Standards Institution. finish (inside frosting of lbe Pearl OSRAM bulb) is also executed at these works by a patent acid etching process. Add to My Library
Mfg: Osram Published: 1910 Version: S 1397 4 pages
~ ~ FJCIENCY Th e average hf~ APR, :18T, 1U10, "\VATT per candle power, equal to a saving LAl\'._IP ~ f'Ully 1,500- 2,000 hours. of 10 % over carbon filament J an l,-p~ OS UA ~ •f" " OSI.:AM" S UITABI ... E " OSRA.M,.," L AMPS burn or alternating current circuits, and at an y :.ingle, except 100 Add to My Library