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Life-Line Cables
Mfg: KabelSchlepp Published: 2006 Version: KS-1106-GC-B 80 pages
Specially designed from the ground up for use in cable and hose carriers ensuring superior performance and longer cycle life in continuous bending hi-flex applications Our product portfolio covers more than 100,000 variants made of steel and plastic, allowing us to deliver a suitable and reliable cable carrier for every application – from standard off-the-shelf products to custom-designed complete solutions. Add to My Library
Dynamic Cable & Hose Carrier System
Mfg: KabelSchlepp Published: 2006 Version: KS-1106-GC-A 48 pages
A Rule of Thumb is a principle which applies in most cases but is not intended to be strictly accurate or reliable for every situation. A Key Formula is a standard formula used by KabelSchlepp to calculate critical dimensions and fi gures that are needed when specifying a cable and hose carrier system for an application. Add to My Library
New Products
Mfg: KabelSchlepp Published: 2008 Version: KS-0608-GC-B 36 pages
Specifications are subject to change without notice. 90° on its side and applications with high transverse accelerations – no additional spacers are needed Specifications are subject to change without notice. Available with non-opening single-part chain links (design 020) Designs with inward or outward opening cross-bars Add to My Library
Accessories Strain Relief Systems
Mfg: KabelSchlepp Published: 2006 Version: KS-1106-GC-A 10 pages
Accessories to complete your system:: ccessories to complete your system Call your KabelSchlepp factory representative at 1-800-443-4216 for complete information and design assistance! KabelClamp SZL strain relief devices can be mounted using a double DIN rail confi guration using DIN rail PN: 3931. Add to My Library