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Diversified Family Line of Products
Mfg: Armorcast Published: 2014 Version: 82014 182 pages
Outstanding quality is a direct result of careful planning, diligent adherence to many established practices and implementation of precise and repetitive procedures and practices. Numerous situations arise whereby the need for product variety, versatility and affordability for specific applications or projects are most critical. Add to My Library
Amorcast Products Overview
Mfg: Armorcast Published: Version: Catalog 61 pages
INTRODUCTION ARMORCAST PRODUCTS COMPANY is pleased to be a significant entity, as a manufacturer of polymer concrete products for all of the utility distribution systems. There are· many needs in these industries and many ideas as to how best meet these needs. Our objectives, in an effort to assist you in meeting your specific requirements, are; Add to My Library
Rail and Transit Polymer Concrete Cable Trough
Mfg: Armorcast Published: 2014 Version: Rail/Transit 56 pages
Since 1966, Armorcast Products has been the innovative leader in supplying the utility industry with secure and protective enclosures. Providing underground and above grade ground boxes and vaults of all shapes and sizes. Armorcast continues to be the sought after source for enclosures from numerous utilities, municipalities, contractors, state agencies and communication companies. Add to My Library
Detectable Warning Panels
Mfg: Armorcast Published: 2014 Version: ADA 31 pages
been serving the Construction and Utility industries with innovative products since 1966. Utilizing a base material approved for concrete repair by many DOT’s and combining this with our expertise, design, engineering and special manufacturing processes, Armorcast Detectable Warning Panels are made to withstand all anticipated and harsh weathering and traffic situations. Add to My Library
Engineered Enclosures
Mfg: Armorcast Published: Version: Catalog 24 pages
ARMORCAST PRODUCTS COMPANY Engineered Enclosures For The Electric Industry 13230 Saticoy Street, North Hollywood, California 91605 Telephone (818) 982-3600 I Fax (818) 982-7742 Web site: www.armorcastprod.com POLYMER SPLICE BOXES CUSTOMER LOGO - BOLT DOWN POLYMER CONCRETE BOX - POLYMER CONCRETE COVER Add to My Library
Water Utility Products
Mfg: Armorcast Published: 2014 Version: WU2014 11 pages
Innovation has been a cornerstone of Armorcast since 1966. Combined with our outstanding Quality, Variety and Service that we are renowned for, Armorcast Products continues as the innovative leader for below and above grade enclosures. Two words describe innovation; Improvement and Originality. Add to My Library
Guardian Safety Barrier
Mfg: Armorcast Published: 2012 Version: Cat 2/7.12 6 pages
Guardian™ Barriers and Barricades have unlimited applications that require safety, security and rapid deployment without the use of heavy equipment. Low placement cost, efficient installation, reusable and vandal resistant, these Guardian™ Barriers and Barricades are the number one choice on the market for safety protection. Add to My Library