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Switches Master Catalog
Mfg: Cherry Published: 2010 Version: MC 2010 80 pages
Cherry has been the leader in switch innovation since its inception in 1953. To better serve our customers in today’s global marketplace, we now maintain offices and manufacturing facilities in eleven locations worldwide — each with its own engineering and sales staff. Cherry’s principal production capabilities include: Add to My Library
Snap Action Switches C-62
Mfg: Cherry Published: 1962 Version: Form 7-62 C-62 32 pages
3f.. .250 can be used in are different switch the holes. 4 an. 0-Molded riveted construction for better in pivot for integral hinged actuators. Switch Type I The extended lever increases travel and reduces operat ing force. OPERATING CHARACTER ISTICS Decimals plus or minus Angles plus or minus 5" otherwis e specified Add to My Library
Speed & Position Sensors
Mfg: Cherry Published: 2007 Version: 2007 ZF Electronics 24 pages
Cherry sensors deliver unmatched performance and reliability to a broad range of OEM products. At Cherry, we specialize in economical sensors that are suitable for the most rigorous environments, including extremes of temperature, humidity, thermal shock and vibration. Choose a standard product, or partner with Cherry design engineers as they help you to develop a custom solution. Add to My Library