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ZSi Foster Engineereing Catalog
Mfg: Wesanco Inc. Published: 2016 Version: No 16 140 pages
This pre-engineered system enables the user/ designer to create an astounding variety of support elements and structural configurations. Connections can be made anywhere along the continuous slot of the channel, and all component fittings can be demounted and used again and again. Engineering data and actual-size dimensional drawings are given for each section on pages 12 - 33. Add to My Library
Westrut Framing Channel Systems
Mfg: Wesanco Inc. Published: 2005 Version: 082005 103 pages
The WESTRUTl' Metal Framing System consists of roll formed channel, channel nuts and hundreds of fittings, including pipe clamps, beam clamps, angular fittings and brackets. This pre-engineered system enables the user/designer to create an astounding variety of sup port elements and structural configurations. Add to My Library
Engineering and Parts Catalog
Mfg: Wesanco Inc. Published: 2006 Version: W-1006 73 pages
For over a quarter of a century now, Wesanco has manufactured the WESTRUT® channel system of continuous-slot metal framing channel, fittings and accessories. This engineering and parts catalog, W-1006, provides necessary technical information and drawings to assist you in the selection of the correct component. Add to My Library
Wesanco Inc Catalog
Mfg: Wesanco Inc. Published: 1991 Version: No W-1003 72 pages
For more than eighteen years now, WESANCO has been growing- in size, in product line, in expertise. By providing a variety of engineered products and building support systems, Wesanco is now recognized as the outstanding source servi ng the Western construction i nd ustry. We've helped our customers to grow, too, by offering products of the highest quality and innovative con cepts to save time, money and manpower. Add to My Library