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Weather & Vandal Resistant Enclosures
Mfg: V.I.T. Products Published: 2006 Version: 2006 Catalog 60 pages
V.I.T. Products, Inc., manufactures the finest metal enclosures available for weather and vandal protection of electrical controls, power meters, pumps, backflow prevention devices and many other applications. We also manufacture a quality line of tree and sprinkler support products such as our patented Cinch-Tie® tree supports and V.I.T. Stabilizer Systems for anchoring and sta bilizing irrigation pipes and sprinkler risers. Add to My Library
Strong Box Enclosures Weather and Vandal Resistant
Mfg: V.I.T. Products Published: 2008 Version: 03/08 54 pages
Inc., manufactures available electrical backflow other applications. We are committed of design, quality manufacturing. But there's expertise and listed to work manufacture panel sales, still more. and many of our even technical more you'll to the highest support You can put our for you. We can custom enclosures, assemblies, complete to your and design with UL specifications. Add to My Library
Controller & Backflow Enclosures
Mfg: V.I.T. Products Published: 2008 Version: February 24 pages
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