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Trade Program Intelligent Switching Technology
Mfg: Grasslin Published: 2012 Version: 82.01.1334.7 92 pages
In 1956, the family enterprise is founded by the design engineer Dieter Grässlin in the heart of the Black Forest. The company‘s story of success starts in the founder‘s laundry room and soon after, Grässlin is considered a pioneer of precision engineering. Thanks to numerous product innovations in the field of time switch technology, temperature and light control, Grässlin very soon establishes himself as an internatio-nally successful specialist. Add to My Library
Industrial Range Intelligent Switching Technology
Mfg: Grasslin Published: 2009 Version: 82.01.1249.7 38 pages
Dedicated to more quality of life “Your senses. Our solutions.” is the promise of perfor-mance that Grässlin keeps in all of its activities: we are dedicated to people feeling comfortable in their living and working spaces. We do this with future-oriented product ranges for time, temperature and light that also help save precious energy. Add to My Library
Time and Energy Controls
Mfg: Grasslin Published: 2001 Version: 065 03.01 36 pages
24 Hour Switch Program: If the same schedule repeats itself every day of the week. 7 Day Switch Program: If a different schedule is required for different days of the week, or if it is desired to "skip" certain days. Reserve Carry-Over: If it is desirable that the time switch retain the correct time of day during a power outage. Add to My Library
TimeMaster Multivolt Time Controls
Mfg: Grasslin Published: 2002 Version: 067US 11.02 4 pages
882.' Fie �E83486 install Grasslin GM a time switch witl caplive drive. Input voltage all units al}d @ 240V. SPDT (DPJT) 208/240 qu:!rtz x hour (synchro 277VAC sl" all Je ratec at 30A, on 2 HP To set the starting time and to pr::>vide ti-me indication, the unit shall have an hands. swi:ch For Add to My Library
Product Overview Intelligent Switching Technology
Mfg: Grasslin Published: 2012 Version: 82.01.1319.7 2 pages
Time switch technology from Grässlin – efficient and easy to use Always in the right place at the right time! For more than 50 years we have been developing, Our thermostat range was developed to provide optimum producing and selling time switch technology of the highest order. From the origin of the first time switch to the present day we have been committed with heart and soul to creating product solutions which offer our customers the maximum degree of energy efficiency, safety and conve-nience. Add to My Library