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Commercial Residential Institutional Products
Mfg: Nulite Published: Version: Catalog 126 pages
Shown In English Brown Oak with A-12 lens FAAME: Genuine solid oak; natural finish, medium stained oak finish; or natural unfinished to be stained at job-site . We manufacture this frame in any wood upon request. Consult factory for minimum order. Opens from either side without clips or tools for relamping. Add to My Library
Nuvole HD
Mfg: Nulite Published: Version: Brochure 16 pages
is a luminous instru-ment. The soft glow gives the illusion the luminaire fl oats like a cloud in the sky. This one-of-a-kind luminaire is available in a variety of lamps, louvers, mounting and color options to com-plement any interior environment. Surface At the heart of the Nuvole HD is our proprietary frosted extruded acrylic lens that is designed for a balance between maximum light transmis-sion and diffusion of lamp image. Add to My Library
Specification Grade Strips
Mfg: Nulite Published: Version: Brochure 16 pages
Strips are the most versatile luminaires in the lighting industry. Applications are driven by one’s creativity, ranging from retail to industrial projects. The elementary form-follows-function design makes this product an ideal lighting instrument to incor-porate into architectural features such as coves, slots, millwork and decorative elements. Add to My Library
Sottile 2D Architectural Recessed Luminaires
Mfg: Nulite Published: Version: Brochure 12 pages
Let the light shine through! architectural recessed luminaire by Nulite. This cost effective, energy effi cient luminaire series provides soft ambient illumination with a modern appearance. Modern Modern The crisp transitions between our three lenses creates a clean aesthetic and modern appearance. Add to My Library
Architectural Recessed Steplights
Mfg: Nulite Published: 2009 Version: 2009 Brochure 8 pages
Nulite believes that form and function should be one. This line of architectural recessed luminaires feature four unique fascia styles with precision designed reflectors and back housing for a modular assembly. Each fascia has been meticulously designed for its elegant form and functionality. Reflectors have been precisely designed around each lamp source for maximum light output. Add to My Library
Cold Storage and Food Processing
Mfg: Nulite Published: 2010 Version: 2010 Brochure 8 pages
Help the environment by using energy efficient, low mercury, linear fluorescent lamps. The more energy we save, the less stress we put on the environment. Linear fluorescent is an excellent source for lighting cold storage environments, and can save energy up to 45% over traditional metal halide systems. Add to My Library
Precision High Bay
Mfg: Nulite Published: 2013 Version: 2013 Brochure 8 pages
Supermarket... The petite profi le of the one-light and two-light lends well to interior architectural spaces. The anodized alu-minum fi nish and exposed fasteners add an industrial fl air to the environment. Retail... T5 / T5HO / T8 Heat sink, extruded aluminum body with clear anodized fi nish and linear reveal accents. Add to My Library
Agricultural Lighting Solutions
Mfg: Nulite Published: 2010 Version: 0610 4 pages
5% to 15%. The increased illumination is very important for winter months when daylight hours are significantly reduced. Studies have suggested that 16 hours of continuous light with 8 hours of darkness or very low illumination level pro-vides the best results. (Note, twenty-four hours of light will not increase milk production.) Add to My Library
Decorative High Bay Lighting
Mfg: Nulite Published: 2011 Version: 2011 Brochure 4 pages
Decorative High Bay The Nulite DH series, decorative fl uorescent high bay is an ideal lighting solution for large retail and other grand scale spaces. The extruded aluminum housing provides a sleek crisp aesthetic. The louver’s profi le is beveled to match the housing for an integrated aesthetically pleasing appearance. Add to My Library
Economy NuBay ETH Series
Mfg: Nulite Published: 2010 Version: 2010 Brochure 4 pages
Help the environment by using energy efficient, low mercury, linear fluorescent lamps. The more energy we save, the less stress we put on the environment. There are many advantages to using fluorescent over traditional HID sources. Fluorescent lamps have a rated life between 25,000 to 35,000 hours compared to 10,000 to 20,000 for HID lamps. Add to My Library
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