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The Lighting Bible 7
Mfg: Deltalight Published: 2007 Version: Bible 7 720 pages
ORIENTABLE 0°- 30° E26MED/120V/60Hz afl ll 2 x PAR30 50-75W [37] IP20 (] 40| H OPTIONS / ACCESSORIES 5 EXCLBALLASTSET 226 EVG-EVG DIM BALLASTONWHIP aO=3 2 x CFL TRIPLE 26W t=i 2xT5 24W J$\ IP20 Q4| OPTIONS/ACCESSORIES Graphic Design - Realisation: Florizoone & Partners - MAC@DAM Solutions Add to My Library
The Lighting Bible 8 New Collection
Mfg: Deltalight Published: 2010 Version: 2010 Catalog 161 pages
‘Our products must excel in sustainable values: good design and passion for quality, established within the 20 year old family business. Creativity is our raw material to create a perfect symbiosis between architecture, function and atmosphere. The new collection brings a perfect mix of innovation and ecology. Add to My Library
Spatio 111 T50
Mfg: Deltalight Published: 2008 Version: GE126 34 pages
/ Spatio INFO Spatio, the perfect answer for all applications. With Spatio, Delta Light® provides the answer for all of the possible applications that might be expected of a lighting system. The unit, which is available on a jack, with an adapter or as a fitting that is attached directly to the ceiling, combines a full range of lamp sources that are available today, ranging from 4 W LED to halogen and 150 W gas discharge. Add to My Library
Deco Essentials
Mfg: Deltalight Published: 2008 Version: GE125 05-2008 32 pages
Coordination - Concept: Delta Light® Graphic Design - Realisation: Delta Light® Finally, to everyone who contributed in some way to the realisation of this DECO ESSENTIALS CATALOG... Thanks. Copyright © 05-2008 Delta Light® NV Add to My Library
Outdoor-Latest Design in Exterior Ltg
Mfg: Deltalight Published: 2009 Version: 2009 Catalog 20 pages
THE EXTERIOR LIGHTING COLLECTION OF DELTA LIGHT® The garden has become an essential place of living and is consequently getting our undi-vided attention. Rightly so, as there is nothing more soothing to the senses than our own piece of verdure. To enjoy your private out-door bliss, well-conceived light-ing definitely adds to the atmo-sphere. Add to My Library
Bathroom & Wellness Special
Mfg: Deltalight Published: 2009 Version: NV 07-2009 16 pages
Cocoon It is now generally acknowledged that an attractive bathroom is an important fea-ture of a house. It may be the smallest room in the house, but there are good reasons why its impact should never be underestimated. Firstly, a pleasant, comfortable bathroom improves your quality of life, and, in addi-tion, it increases the value of your property considerably. Add to My Library