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LED Lighting Systems
Mfg: Beta Lighting Published: 2010 Version: BRCH-LEED1 16 pages
By improving how we design and construct new buildings and how we remodel existing buildings, we can greatly reduce their environmental impact. through LEED, the USGBC offers a set of well-documented, scientifically proven performance criteria and a point system for attainment of LEED certification. Add to My Library
Advanced LED Lighting
Mfg: Beta Lighting Published: 2010 Version: BRCH-BPT02 6 pages
It’s easy to upgrade your canopy lighting to state-of-the-art BetaLED luminaires. In a one-for-one replacement, lower wattage BetaLED luminaires will cut your energy use up to 70 percent and lower your maintenance costs. Choose from three options: For converting surface-mount HID luminaires to LED technology, use existing 2-by-2 housing with BetaLED Add to My Library