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Product Selection Guide Controls
Mfg: WattStopper Published: 2013 Version: WS-13-28332 rev.102013 542 pages
It’s been our vision for 30 years, as we demonstrate that it’s not just about great hardware but about enabling customers with knowledge and solutions so they’re free to achieve their project objectives. This product selection guide offers a useful quick reference of WattStopper product line matrices and individual cut sheets. Add to My Library
Product Selection Guide
Mfg: WattStopper Published: 2013 Version: 41301 rev 82013 510 pages
The adaptable Digital Lighting Management (DLM) technology platform provides control infrastructure at every switch, outlet and lighting load for optimal energy performance. For panel controlled spaces, plug in sensors and switches to reap the benefi ts of both time-based and more nuanced control strategies. Add to My Library
Lighting Controls
Mfg: WattStopper Published: 2013 Version: WS-13-28326 8 pages
Established in 1984, WattStopper pioneered energy-efficient lighting controls, and promoted integration as an ideal way to maximize energy savings. From single occupancy sensors to advanced systems, WattStopper’s proven controls and helpful support teams offer intuitive and effective control solutions. Add to My Library
Energy Efficiency E3 Programs
Mfg: WattStopper Published: 2013 Version: WS-13-28327 5 pages
and grow your business with proven lighting controls. You’re becoming an energy efficiency expert, learning about energy code compliance and energy-savings opportunities to bring to your customers or facilities that will strengthen your bottom line. So it’s only natural you’d team with WattStopper, the energy efficiency expert in lighting controls for nearly 30 years. Add to My Library