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Energy Solutions v2
Mfg: Simkar Published: 2010 Version: EBV2062310 24 pages
The is a symbol of Simkar’s commitment to the highest standards in fixture design, manufacturing, energy efficiency, and the environment. Premium systems are required to be eligible for certain rebate programs. Ballasts are available in programmed and instant start. Ballast factor may have a determination on rebate qualification. Add to My Library
HID Lamp and Ballast Kits
Mfg: Simkar Published: 2010 Version: LBK070910 4 pages
Hid lAMP And bAllAst kits Simkar’s 50+12 Lamp/Ballast Kit program takes our top 50 most popular kits plus12 up-and-coming Pulse Start kits out of hundreds of kit offerings and provides detailed information on the lamps and ballasts so you can easily decide what kits are right for your market. HID technology for the same wattages are covered by a multitude of lamp sizes, type, and orientations, and ballasts are available in different technologies, voltages, and sizes. Add to My Library