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Electrical Power Connectors Tools and Accessories
Mfg: Penn-Union Published: 2015 Version: CMM-0715 348 pages
With a history dating back to 1928, Penn-Union has an excellent reputation as a U.S. designer, manufacturer and supplier of quality electrical connectors and related products. MRO markets through a worldwide net-work of manufacturing representatives and wholesale electrical distributors. Our products are relied upon to consis-tently perform in the most demanding applications, meeting the needs of Add to My Library
Electrical Connectors, Compression Tools and Accessories
Mfg: Penn-Union Published: 2006 Version: Electrical Connectors, Compression Tools and Accessories 208 pages
To establish a leadership position as a major supplier ofworle! class electrical power connectors ane! accessories by profitably growing our sales in electJical markets aile! in other markets compatible with our resou rces. We see this as a continuous improvement process, aimee! at the elimination qt aLI errors and waste. Add to My Library
Electrical Connectors,Compression Tools and Accessories
Mfg: Penn-Union Published: 2005 Version: 2005 Catalog 207 pages
BLU-210D-2TC 14 BLU-210D-2TC 14E 1 BLU-4/0D-2TC 14E1 BLU-0350-2TC 14E2 BLU-0350-2TC 12 BLU-050D-2TC 14E2 BLU-0500-2TC 12 BLU-0650-2TC1 2 BLU-0750-2TC12E3 I BLU-1 000-2TC 12 I 1000 + Concentric, compressed and compact stranding. ++ For conversion 10 metnc range see Master Catalog +++ For addilional tool references see Master Catalog Add to My Library
Tools and Accessories
Mfg: Penn-Union Published: 2002 Version: 2002 Catalog 207 pages
Widely used to provide insulation and strain relief of wire termina-tions and connections. Used for jacketing wire bundles and light-duty har-nesses where superior abrasion resistance is a plus. Superior abrasion and solvent resistance when compared with that of many flexible, general purpose polyolefin tubings. Add to My Library
Connectors, Compression Tools & Accessories
Mfg: Penn-Union Published: 2010 Version: MC 2010 200 pages
PENN-UNION corp. has addressed the increased market emphasis on electrical grounding as new and existing markets demand increased reliability and power quali-ty. PENN-UNION corp. expanded its product options and line extensions of pre-insulated connectors to meet increasing market demands. For prototype and production quality audit requirements, UL client test laboratory capabilities assure prompt verification of new designs and repeated product performance and improvements. Add to My Library
Electrical Connectors Compression Tools and Accessories
Mfg: Penn-Union Published: 2009 Version: 2009 Catalog 198 pages
229 Waterford Street· Edinboro, PA 16412-2398 Phone (814) 734-1631 • FAX (814) 734-4946 GENERAL INDEX 'KN~A "&'KNi C<>w;er Press-Ons (Types CCT. CST & con Alummum Penn-Sleeves (Types PIK. PSK. flS. PSS, PSKS & PNK) Aluminum Terminal Plugs (Types TP & TPO) Aluminum Press-On Stirrups (Types KBO, KKBO. KBO, KKBD. KBN & KKBN) Add to My Library
Master Catalog New Edition
Mfg: Penn-Union Published: 2011 Version: 24970 198 pages
229 Waterford Street • Edinboro, PA 16412-2398 Phone 814.734.1631 • Fax 814.734.4946 GENERAL INDEX Aluminum Press-Ons (Types KO-R, KD-R, KR-R, KN-R & KN) Copper Press-Ons (Types CCT, CST & CDT) Aluminum Penn-Sleeves (Types PIK, PSK, PS, PSS, PSKS & PNK) Aluminum Terminal Plugs (Types TP & TPO) Add to My Library
Compression Tools
Mfg: Penn-Union Published: Version: 60 pages
Since 1928, Penn-Union has earned the reputation as a manufacturer of quality electrical connectors. Over 30,000 product variations, ranging in size from a compo nent that weighs a few ounces to a copper casting that weighs over 100 pounds, are produced at our three plant locations. Our employees are trained to use our quality system and all are committed to continuous improvement. Add to My Library
Utility Linemen's Choice of Products
Mfg: Penn-Union Published: Version: Catalog 32 pages
One of the most varied offerings of quality utility products in the industry. Made from high strength copper alloy. Highly resistant to corrosion and season cracking. The first 3-conductor split bolt approved for grounding! Type S is for use with 2-conductors for electrical power applications, and grounding & bonding applica tions, except direct burial. Add to My Library
Water Pipe Ground Clamps
Mfg: Penn-Union Published: Version: Brochure 6 pages
Assembled with steel screws KW UL I CSA approved for grounding, bonding and direct burial in earth or concrete 112" - 1" Water Pipe Add to My Library
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