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Power-Gard Products
Mfg: Littelfuse Published: 2001 Version: PF101-9 172 pages
Littelfuse is an international corporation dedicated and committed to serving customers the world over with innovative circuit protection products that consistently surpass commonly accepted performance standards worldwide. Littelfuse has built a reputation on the firm belief that product quality begins long before the product is manufactured. Add to My Library
Telecom Circuit Protection Catalog
Mfg: Littelfuse Published: 2001 Version: No. PF105 52 pages
Telecom System Protection 2 telecommunications industry. It also provides application information to give you a better understanding of the variety of circuit protection technologies available to meet your needs. As the only manufacturer of resettable PTCs, sub-miniature and surface mount fuses, traditional fuses, and overvoltage devices, Littelfuse provides protection solutions to any telecom overcurrent and overvoltage circuit protection application. Add to My Library
Powr-Gard Circuit Protection Cross Reference Vol 04-12
Mfg: Littelfuse Published: 2001 Version: Vol. 04-12 EC501-R 52 pages
POWR-GARD Products This cross reference covers all known competitive part numbers on small dimension fuses and fuseholders, as well as power fuses and fuse blocks for which there is an electrically and mechanically similar Littelfuse standard item. Furnished for your convenience, this cross reference is meant to serve as a guide only for product selection. Add to My Library
Indicator Fuses
Mfg: Littelfuse Published: 2001 Version: PF332 20 pages
Initially introduced in 1994, Littelfuse’s Indicator™ line represents the most significant improvement in fuse design to emerge in the last ten years, providing maximum protection for your equipment against overloads and short circuits. So revolutionary was its technology that it forever changed the way you look at modern circuit protection. Add to My Library