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Emergency Lighting Equipment
Mfg: LightAlarms Published: 1997 Version: 960.0571 147 pages
Modular designed retainer clip allows for installation that is a 'snap' while ensuring a tight fit. For recessed application, each sign shall have included a die cast aluminum trim ring. Allows the batteries to cycle daily with a pulse charge, reducing the potential for grid corrosion and promoting long battery life. Add to My Library
Lightalarms Emergency Lighting Equipment
Mfg: LightAlarms Published: 1992 Version: Catalog No. E23 100 pages
We've been an innovative leader in the emergency lighting industry since 1953. It is part of the Lightalarms tradition to main tain a classic product line while at the same time expand and diversify it. NEW PRODUCTS: We are proud to offer a produ ct line that includes the newest technological and design advances in unit equipment, exit signs, AC standby power systems, central battelY systems and specialty products. Add to My Library
Lightalarms Emergency Lighting Equipment
Mfg: LightAlarms Published: 1988 Version: Catalog No. E22 8D7-1AY 84 pages
Lightalarms offers a complete line of emergency lighting products with a wide range of batteries and capacities. The chart below is provided for quick reference in selecting unit equipment and for determining battery type, voltage and 90 minute wattage required for your specific emergency lighting applications. Add to My Library
Light Safety Products
Mfg: LightAlarms Published: Version: Catalog 52 pages
CONSTRUCTION: Design combines ease of installation for the contractor and quality of finish for the architect or designer. Low voltage disconnect prevents over discharge of battery. When AC power fails and the lights go out, the Phantom PM unit emerges to illuminate the path to safety. Once AC power is restored, the automated motor assembly drives the door back to the closed position. Add to My Library
Life Safety Equipment
Mfg: LightAlarms Published: 2000 Version: Catalog 33 pages
Lightalarms is proud to present its complete range of Chicago-approved life safety equipment. When it comes to life safety, there can be no compromise. Standard brushed aluminum, white or black finishes with other finishes available as an option (consult factory). The trim plate assembly is hinged to provide easy access to the lamps, electronics and battery. Add to My Library