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Smart Products. Ingenious Solutions.
Mfg: Leviton Published: 2010 Version: L-200 883 pages
R & D and testing facilities, our design staff develops products for every wiring device application. Through green design and smarter choices, people have the power to improve ecological sustainability. Connect all dimmers to the same phase or run a separate neutral to each phase. The Sixplex not only provides six true outlets, it also protects sensitive electronics from power surges and eliminates the need for unsightly power strips. Add to My Library
Wiring Devices L-101
Mfg: Leviton Published: 2007 Version: C-740/K7 548 pages
From our simple roots at the dawn of the electrical age, our product offering has branched out to include more than 25,000 wiring devices, systems and components which meet the needs of today’s rapidly changing global market-place. And while times have changed, the core principles upon which the Leviton family business was formed remain the same. Add to My Library
Leviton Catalog L-100
Mfg: Leviton Published: 2006 Version: C-680/L5-150M 524 pages
Our Centennial L-100 catalog offers a comprehensive selection of Leviton products for Industrial, Commercial and Residential construction and maintenance-all designed to the highest standards of quality, dependability and performance. Permission is hereby granted for reproduction of any parts of this book for the express purpose of using such reproductions in the process of preparing specifications and/or bids in which Leviton products are indicated. Add to My Library
D-503 Wiring Devices for Construction and Maintenance
Mfg: Leviton Published: 2001 Version: C-608/L1-140M rs 507 pages
With the exception of the above usage, and for the purpose of quotation or reproduction of brief examples used in reviews of this work by periodical publications, all other quotation and/or reproduction is strictly forbidden without the express written consent of Leviton Manufacturing Co., Inc. Each has a dedicated Marketing division applying its depth of expertise to identify opportunity in new and existing markets for creating strong sales volume, increased share of market and sustained profitable growth. Add to My Library
Industrial Wiring Devices IPD-2.05
Mfg: Leviton Published: 2005 Version: C-615C/DS TP 456 pages
With over 6,000 Leviton catalog numbers and over 16,000 crossed competitor's numbers included in ez-Find, you are sure to find exactly what you need. Product descriptions and compatiblity information are simple to access and will help you decide what devices are best suited for your application. High-conductive nickel-plated brass terminal screws improve current flow and prolong component life. Add to My Library
Industrial Wiring Devices IPD 2.07
Mfg: Leviton Published: 2008 Version: C-615E/AB 450 pages
Deep wire wells for back wiring accept up to #10 copper and copper clad wire High-conductive brass terminal screws improve current flow. High-conductive nickel-plated brass terminal screws improve current flow and prolong component life. NEMA 1 and NEMA 3R enclosures with or without switches are available. Add to My Library
Industrial Wiring Devices
Mfg: Leviton Published: 2001 Version: IPD-2.01 372 pages
An integrated modular and graphic format is utilized throughout this catalog to facilitate visual search and location of information and data. Covers the ways in which work environments can be managed to ensure worker safety, with particular emphasis on working with electricity. Will furnish audited facility with a complete assessment of equipment at risk of damage from transient voltage surges, complete with bill of materials recommending power quality devices and preferred installation strategies. Add to My Library
Lighting Controls
Mfg: Leviton Published: 1999 Version: G-5549 368 pages
At Leviton Lighting Control Division, he has built a staff of highly skilled engineers and designers whose expertise in manufacturing electronic dimming control systems is unmatched in the lighting industry. All standard units have hinged and latching door with tinted window over presets (DMS has no window) and a cutout to access the preset select touch switches. Add to My Library
Network Infrastructure Solutions
Mfg: Leviton Published: 2011 Version: 3463/K10 292 pages
SECTION X CONTENTS GENERAL INFORMATION TERMINATION INSTRUCTIONS PRODUCT & MATERIAL INSTALLATION DIAGRAMS PRODUCT DIMENSIONS Web-Based Resources T568A VS. T568B W iring Standards Wire Color Codes & Pi n Designation USOC Codes Copper Connectors Fiber Connectors Xll Fan-Out Kit NEMA and IEC Enclosures Add to My Library
Residential Catalog
Mfg: Leviton Published: 2008 Version: C-751/C8 Rev. 1 278 pages
That’s why we’re the nation’s leading manufacturer of lighting controls, wiring devices and automation systems. Switches add so much at a modest cost that no fine home should be without them. Decora Duplex Receptacles blend distinctive design with convenient installation, and they come in a variety of finishes. Add to My Library
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