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Power Tool Acc/Hand Tools/Joining Technologies
Mfg: Lenox Published: 2010 Version: #5204 98 pages
A revolutionary new blade design that delivers up to 100% longer blade life and 25% faster performance in metal cutting applications versus the prior generation of LENOX reciprocating saw blades. Jeff takes great PRIDE in the work he and his seven employees do in residential construction. As a small shop, it's very important for them to have tools that allow them to work efficiently. Add to My Library
Tool Product Catalog
Mfg: Lenox Published: 2006 Version: EDP 18344 78 pages
We continue to invest in our facilities, strongly supporting research and development and integrating the most advanced manufacturing technology. You’ll see the exciting details in this catalog. Our commitment to quality and expertise extends throughout our sales and service organizations. LENOX Representatives are carefully selected for their professionalism, experience and expertise. Add to My Library
Power Tool Accessories and Hand Tools
Mfg: Lenox Published: 2013 Version: 5204A 72 pages
If you use a LENOX blade you might already know. But UpBlade is more than just upgrading to the best blades in the market, UpBlade is a continuous commitment to being better. When you switch to LENOX you don’t just UpBlade your blade, you UpBlade your tools, your cuts, your capabilities. 1 When cutting is What you do, the blade y ou choose becomes even more important. Add to My Library
Power Tool Accessories & Hand Tools
Mfg: Lenox Published: 1995 Version: EDP 40029 64 pages
LENOX Research & Development: Research and Development personnel from LENOX, using the latest technol ogy and years of experience, continue to develop the newest breakthroughs in power tool accessories and hand tool products. Our staff continually experi ments and tests new cutting edge ma terials, steel chemistries, as we ll as product designs, to ensure we market the products that offer our end-user cus tomers the best value for their cutting applications. Add to My Library
Product Catalog
Mfg: Lenox Published: 2004 Version: EDP 40029 48 pages
The utility blades and knives that change everything. With their bi-metal construction and titanium edge coating, these shatter resistant, flexible, patented blades keep on cutting long after standard blades have quit. You'll get unique durability from our new utility knives, too. They stand up to abuse, thanks to their one-piece, titanium-coated, stainless steel noses. Add to My Library
Lenox Hand Tools & Power Tool Accessories
Mfg: Lenox Published: 1991 Version: Catalog T-420-RR 40 pages
American Saw & Mfg. Company markets internationally in over 55 countries — and that number is growing. In materials separation, our quality products and services have been providing exceptional value since 1915. We strive to maximize quality in every step of our operation for the long-term benefit of our end users. Add to My Library
Guide to Band Sawing
Mfg: Lenox Published: 2008 Version: EDP 14702 36 pages
Over the years we have developed new techniques to improve the efficiency of cutting metal. The information contained here is not meant to answer all of your band sawing questions. Our Technical Support staff is here to serve you and can be reached during normal working hours by calling our toll-free number. Add to My Library
Merchandising Catalog
Mfg: Lenox Published: 2006 Version: EDP 05572 28 pages
top of module LENOll -. Customize wall layouts to accommodate obstructions or to create unique configurations. Modules can be used on pegboard or slat wall . LENOXi" Vertical Universal Mounting Bracket Includes 2 new smaller sizes: 2100S (l/S" -5/S") Purchase $1,500 of PRO HOSE Air Fuel product and receive a FREE AA kit and merchandiser! Add to My Library
New Products Catalog
Mfg: Lenox Published: 2006 Version: EDP 05570 20 pages
Aluminum, Titanium and Nitrogen combine to form a coating that is hard and tough, protecting each tooth from heat and wear with an armor-like barrier This gold colored coating is very adaptable to most general purpose cutting applications and is known for its high adhesion to the tooth edge substrate, and has excellent high hardness and wear characteristics Add to My Library