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General Tool Catalogue
Mfg: Knipex Published: 2007 Version: KNIPEX-Werk 2007 165 pages
Screwed joint: for particularly demanding requirements in terms of precision and smooth operation, e.g. in circlip pliers and cable cutters (even the finest multi-stranded conductors have to be cut cleanly) TIP: page 2 with symbols and cutting capacities. Single joint: Half thickness of each pliers handle is milled away in the joint area so that both handles can be laid into each other. Add to My Library
Tools for Photovoltaics
Mfg: Knipex Published: 2007 Version: L100 02145 3 pages
There is a steadily increase of electrical power produced by photovoltaic plants (PV systems). The output from this environmentally friendly source of energy rises each year by about 20 % worldwide. However, the share in the total power generation is still below 0.2 % worldwide, which means there is still rich potential for growth. Add to My Library
High Leverage Diagonal Cutter
Mfg: Knipex Published: 2007 Version: L100 01727 2 pages
With opening spring! rapid activation of the spring by simply pressing with the thumb fixes the plier in the hand for fatigue reducing work non-operated the spring is securely locked in place KNIPEX Quality - Made in Germany with switch-on opening spring with forged-on axle for heaviest duty suitable for all types of wire including piano wire Add to My Library
Linemans Pliers
Mfg: Knipex Published: 2007 Version: L100 01771 2 pages
Solid contstruction for heaviest strain; high transmission ratio for easy cutting 09 02 240 Crosswise serrated gripping zone for firm gripping and pulling, e.g. for fence construction Article-No. solid construction for heaviest strain; universally applicable Power plus 60%: high trans-mission ratio for powerful cut-ting and gripping performance ergonomically optimized handle shape for firm contact to the hand and fatigue reducing operation particularly effective crosswise serrated gripping zone in the jaws - for strong gripping and pulling Add to My Library
Pliers Wrench
Mfg: Knipex Published: 2007 Version: L100 01782 2 pages
excellent for gripping, holding, pressing and bending workpieces zero backlash jaw surface pressure prevents damage to edges of sensitive and soft nuts (Cu) with scale for presetting the opening width apart from the workpiece no unintentional shift of the gripping jaws and no slipping of the joint Add to My Library