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Product Guide Security Access Fire Surveillance
Mfg: Altronix Published: 2015 Version: Rev 0215 176 pages
A leading global provider of power and transmission technologies for professional security system applications, Altronix develops innovative solutions that integrate disparate infrastructure and maximize overall performance and efficiency. New additions to our 2015 line include adaptive transmission products that facilitate network connectivity and system expansion, utilizing legacy, as well as state of the art sys tem technology. Add to My Library
New Products
Mfg: Altronix Published: 2015 Version: Rev 0515 20 pages
Ethernet over Coax up to 500m at 25Mbps. - Deploy IP cameras/edge devices up to 500m over coax without repeaters. - Cost-effective solution to upgrade and expand security and surveillance utilizing coax. - Single port adapter kit includes an eBridge1PCRM Receiver and an eBridge1PCTX Transceiver. Add to My Library
Soluciones IP and En Red
Mfg: Altronix Published: 2015 Version: Rev 0315 20 pages
Más que sólo energía.™ Altronix Corporation es el diseñador y fabricante líder de componentes electrónicos de bajo voltaje y alta calidad para los mercados de vigilancia, seguridad, protección contra incendios, control de acceso y automatización. Altronix sigue fortaleciendo sus series de productos, que ofrecen “más que solo energía”: tecnología de comunicación en red LINQ, fuentes de poder mejorado eFlow, controladores de potencia para sistemas de acceso y sistemas de fuentes de poder expansibles Add to My Library