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The Source for Gas Ignition Reference Manual
Mfg: Honeywell Published: 1994 Version: 70-2310 748 pages
The principal job of UL and AGA is to perform the investigation and tests to determine if an appliance or component meets the ANSI standards that have been established for it. Manufacturers seek approval because it shows that the product meets the requirements of the applicable national stan dard and thereby satisfies the local building or electrical inspector. Add to My Library
Tradeline Catalog Controls
Mfg: Honeywell Published: 1990 Version: 70-6910 610 pages
. . 196 F58E . ... . . 1~ .68-0086 . . . 187 F59A . . 68-0043 . . . . . . 188 F66A F70C . 95C-10320 . ... FH ... FH33 . 552 ... FSP ... FSP1535 . ... . 514 FSP5004 . . . . . . . 515 FSP5075A1 ... . 60-2383 . 503 FSP5075A3 ... . 60-2383 . . . . . . . . . . . 503 ... FY ... FY32 552 H H205A Add to My Library
Industrial Switches and Sensors
Mfg: Honeywell Published: 1998 Version: #000550-6-EN IL50 583 pages
Rugged plastic enclosure eliminates need for grounding. Large internal cavity for easy wiring. Spare Parts for the GLS Series To order spare parts for your particular GLS simply use the GLS number on the front of the switch to identify the construction used and therefore the spare part you need. Add to My Library
Industrial Switches and Sensors
Mfg: Honeywell Published: 1994 Version: 84-00550-B 558 pages
Limit and Enclosed Switches LS/200LS Cross-Reference The following cross-reference between compact LS/plug-in 200LS switches and HDLS switches applies to style, but not nec- NON PLUG-IN 1 LS3-L 1 LS23 1 LS27 1 LS34 1 LS47 1 LS58 1 LS59 1 LS165-L 201 LS1 201 LS1-N 201 LS2 201 LS3 201 LS23 Add to My Library
Field Devices
Mfg: Honeywell Published: 2008 Version: 70-6926 PR 492 pages
The P906 controllers respond to increases and decreases in pressure difference between high and low pressures in water or steam systems. The P906 provides proportional control in low voltage circuits and can be used to control a proportional valve to maintain desired pressure difference between two points in a system. Add to My Library
Micro Switch Photoelectric Controls
Mfg: Honeywell Published: 1988 Version: Catalog 60 Issue 8 194 pages
The proving grounds range from brewery to sawmill, and the applications from material handling to process control. They can be used to detect - at distances of a fraction of an inch to several hundred feet - all opaque and even translucent materials. The variety of available scanning options and the addition of fiber optics extends application freedom. Add to My Library
Oiltight Manual Controls
Mfg: Honeywell Published: 1989 Version: Catalog 70 Issue 9 171 pages
Oiltight Manual Controls Innovation has been the byword in the development of MICRO SWITCH oiltight manual controls since they were introduced over a quarter century ago. This pioneering spirit in design produced the contemporary, square, front-of-panel appearance that is now a part of most everyone's equipment. Add to My Library
Manual Switches Catalog 30
Mfg: Honeywell Published: 1997 Version: Catalog 30 005469-15-EN 168 pages
This catalog is intended to familiarize us ers with the broad MICRO SWITCH prod uct offering and provide ordering infor mation for the most popular listings. Almost all of the catalog listings given are preferred listings and normally will be off-the-shelf delivery. By taking a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the catalog organization you will find it very easy to locate the product you need. Add to My Library
Commercial-Industrial Combustion Controls Catalog
Mfg: Honeywell Published: 2008 Version: 70-8911 Rev. 07-08 160 pages
We would like to address a subject that is a concern to all of us—safety—specifically burner and boiler safety controls. As an industry leader in the manufacture of Flame Safeguard controls, Honeywell feels obligated to inform you of the difference between Honeywell controls and controls repaired by an independent rebuilder. Add to My Library
ECC Products Catalogue - Pacific
Mfg: Honeywell Published: 2008 Version: March 155 pages
Email eccpronmental.controducts@honeywell.comols@honeywell.com envir Useful Websites: You can access this catalogue on-line at our website. www.honeywell.com.au Honeywell Asia Pacific http://customer-ap.honeywell.com This high performance, airflow-metering device is the foundation of every airflow control system we provide and is backed by a three-year warranty. Add to My Library
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