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Lamps & Ballasts Product Catalog
Mfg: GE Ltg Published: 2010 Version: No 78603 464 pages
GE product catalog has been updated to help you more easily select the GE lighting products that best meet your needs. Technical doto in this catalog !life. subject to manufacturer's tolerances. All technical doto in this cotalog is based on laboratory tests conducted under controlled conditions. Add to My Library
Product Selection Guide
Mfg: GE Ltg Published: 2003 Version: GEA-12000L 436 pages
How to build an ordering number: The ordering numbers used in this catalog provide a description of the lighting system by product type, mechanical construction, electrical characteristics, and optical system in meaningful shorthand. You want to replace the old incandescent floodlights lighting a parking area of a manufacturing plant. Add to My Library
Product Selection Guide
Mfg: GE Ltg Published: 2001 Version: GEA-12000K 426 pages
Since he day Thomas Edison brought ctrie light to the world, GE has n bringing good things to life, or more than a century, GE has been a world leader in the innovation and production of energy-efficient lighting, including fixtures and applied ;. SnapDrive has been developed with its own digital diagnostic tool for fast, accurate troubleshooting. Add to My Library
Lamp Products Catalog
Mfg: GE Ltg Published: 2004 Version: 25265(01-04) 212 pages
Technical bulletins will be issued from time to time if changes in ratings occur prior to the next catalog printing. GE's compact fluorescent lamps bring all the advantages of fluorescent lighting to incandescent sockets. Wide range of color temperatures - Plug-in compact fluorescent bulbs come in a variety of color temperatures from 2700K to 6500K. Add to My Library
Spectrum Catalogue Lamp Products
Mfg: GE Ltg Published: 2013 Version: 2013/2014 184 pages
GE Lighting is constantly developing and improving its products. All lamp drawings are a guide, if further technical details are required please contact your nearest sales office. GE Lighting continues to bring new technologies to the market to meet the global demands for high quality and low energy lighting. Add to My Library
Spectrum Lamp Product Catalogue
Mfg: GE Ltg Published: 2009 Version: Catalogue 2009/2010 174 pages
All descriptions in this publication present only general particulars of the goods to which they refer and shall not form part of any contract. All lamp drawings are a guide, if further technical details are required please contact your nearest sales office. It begins with the best ideas in class and leads to quality products with proven demand, for which GE can offer long term services. Add to My Library
GE Lighting Spectrum 9200 Lamp Catalog
Mfg: GE Ltg Published: 1996 Version: 9200/22nd Edition 156 pages
Illuminating the far comers of the planet with the most recognized lighting brand in the industry. Lighting 9200 Lamp catalog contains a comprehensive selec-tion of lighting products designed to deliver the maximum return on your lighting investment. We're committed to providing the most complete range of products available-to meet the unique, ever changing needs of our customers around the world. Add to My Library
Total Lighting Control Products and Services
Mfg: GE Ltg Published: 1996 Version: GEA-123PS64 64 pages
Controls can save up 10 50% 01 this power while providing a safe, productive work environment. This Basic approach is designed for the specifier or contractor who feels comfortable with a mechanical timeclock/lighting contactor approach to lighting automation but needs greater ffexibility and energy savings. Add to My Library
LED Lighting Solution for Interiors and Outdoors
Mfg: GE Ltg Published: 2011 Version: LED Catalogue 63 pages
LED solutions are receiving global recognition for their energy saving capabilities, long service life and the ability to reduce carbon emissions across a host of different sectors. LED solutions will play a pivotal role in the future of lighting. The company introduced LED technology to the world with the patent for the first practical, commercialised LED for indication applications in 1962. Add to My Library
GE Lighting Miniature & Sealed Beam Lamp
Mfg: GE Ltg Published: 1994 Version: Revised 10/94 56 pages
We can attain this goal by manufacturing and delivering products and services that faithfully conform to our specifications and satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers. These lamps are available with a wide variety of filament constructions, bases and wire terminal leads. Manufacturers and designers of equipment requiring lamps should select lamps of established , design whenever possible for maximum economy as well as ease of replacement through regular V trade channels. Add to My Library
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