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Mfg: Cooper Wheelock Published: 2007 Version: PC-Bound 01/07 108 pages
Designed to simplify installation and testing by including a separate base plate for pre-wiring. Once work is complete the appliance can be installed with a SNAP onto the base. Cooper Wheelock, a Cooper Industries company, is a manufacturer of fire alarm notification appliances and facility communication systems. Add to My Library
Industrial Notification Solutions
Mfg: Cooper Wheelock Published: 2007 Version: IS3 12/07 4 pages
extraordinary communications Cooper Notification offers an expansive portfolio of products and services providing safety and security to industrial facilities. In the event of a natural disaster, chemical attack, HAZMAT spill or perimeter breech, our notification solutions enable emergency and security managers to provide critical audio (siren and voice) and visual (strobes and display signs) messages that are specific to the situation, specific to the area affected and in real time. Add to My Library